2019 Volkswagen Golf R Review

The Mk7 Volkswagen Golf R has become a familiar sight and noise in these parts for some time today, and even though its relative age ought to be catching up with this, the Golf R’s’ inborn’right-ness’ still emanates with incontrovertible strength.

This knack for combining the normal Golf’s classless simplicity with actual performance gusto and motorist involvement is your R’s ability, and also how it feels like the excess over its gifted little brother, the GTI, is still another feather in its cap. The Golf R is really a gift; a distillation of the finest of the armament of VW.

Engine, transmission, and Moment

The R recognizable’EA888′ TSI engine that is 2-litre has been to reformed WLTP regulations via a thanks, pegging electricity back to 296bhp out of its figure. As of 2019 that the Golf R is currently only accessible with a seven-speed DSG, yet another unfortunate outcome of changing legislation, along with a shifting market weeding out the couple (us, in other words) who buy cars such as this with a pole and three pedals.

What the numbers do not tell you is the wonderful character of that this engine was retained. It creates a sound that is great and crisp, delicate, should you listen beyond the piped in intake warble. This is particularly found on cars fitted using the (pricey) optional Akrapovic exhaust, which generates an inexplicably satisfying soundtrack that’s significantly less motorsport than something such as an i30N, yet more ordinary compared to an Audi S3.

2019 Volkswagen Golf R

The transmission is the DSG. When on the move it is quick, quick-witted and seldom, if ever, caught out, however, does suffer with also a jerkiness when mooching about the town and answers. The six-speed guide was among those finer cables-operated changes of its kind, with no slickness of a Civic Type R’s possibly, but am ready and competent partner into the motor. It is a pity it has been killed by VW off.

Technical highlights

The powertrain is a clear highlight, but it used to stay within the bounds of this upper-level Volkswagen Group sexy hatch, the venerable EA888 has been fitted into a veritable smorgasbord of additional VAG derivatives, such as SUVs like the Cupra Ateca as well as the Porsche Macan. As opposed to dilute the specialness of the Golf R, it highlighted by the calibration using the chassis and managing balance the Golf displays. It stays, by some margin, the most gratifying of its ilk.

Particular mention is deserved by dampers, as if fitted with a brakes wrapped in thin section tires, the ride stays polished and body-control comprised when in the setting that is warmer.

Indoors, the R includes the Golf’s standard tech, including the entire diameter (12.3in) high-resolution screen facing the driver, along with the choice of this 9.2in Discover Navigation Guru infotainment system using its shiny touchscreen. Add to the Driving Modes accessible, including the choice of a setting that is Individualism, and there is almost infinite potential pressing, swiping along with hand gestures.

What is it like to drive?

Like the one that is older, it is absolutely brilliant. Among the numerous things concerning the R is the fact that it has a duality of character. Drive off and it can be hard to find, out exactly what the appeal is from a true enthusiast’s view: it is silent, comfy, light to the touch and completely undemanding. A travel, completed in’eco’ manner with the’box elicited a 30s mpg figure.

To the horizon, continuing to rev outside with excitement together with all the’ box the R jumps on the flip side, given throttle. It is the type of automobile that feels speedy everywhere, anytime that nothing using this driveway system’s grip capability to it. Although the R is not a flamboyant automobile, it, together with the capability to go a little more under power out of corners and neutral.

2019 Volkswagen Golf R

The further you push the R, the further you find a piece. The DCC dampers are a smart idea in the event that you need to go a rim dimension up Implementing the sheer breadth of skill of the R. The Performance Pack increases the capacity of the R, with a couple of subtle styling tweaks, brakes that are regular, and brakes.

Cost and competitions

This R 34,070’s list cost appears to have been no deterrent to the achievement of the model. Although not all, there are a kudos to owning a VW Golf that is quick, and awarded the car there appears.

Together with the manual’s passing, the body, fashion has fallen by the wayside. Though the cost that is fundamental has been increased by this, and eliminated what is the’cooler’ body design, it is not the reduction. The Performance Bundle incorporates a few styling enhancements, 19-inch brakes, wheels and a rate that is derestricted. It is expensive though at #2300, and if coupled with other alternative options such as the Akrapovic exhaust (#2975) may lead to a close -#50k Golf.

Buyers stick to the paint finish as many plump for one of those six choices, for instance, favoring the Lapis Blue. But, there are two other non-metallic colors to select from: Tornado Red (#300) and also the pearl Oryx White in 1000.

The 18in alloys may be phased out for things that are larger, at a price tag, there are 3 layouts. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with all the base-spec wheels, therefore cash is better spent elsewhere.

Leather upholstery is available in 3 finishes: black nappa and anthracite nappa, and optional. Whereas another two price they expensive and we don’t have any complaints with the fabric trim the former adds # 1750 into the most important thing.

Luckily the R works nicely equipped: adaptive cruise control, LED headlights and VW’s digital instrument cluster (Active data screen) — with incorporated sat-nav — constitute the fundamental specification. Though the passive chassis is pliant and realized, DDC (Dynamic Chassis Control) is well worth contemplating #850, including extent to optimise the driving experience.

2019 Volkswagen Golf R

You could assert we would fight to disagree and that the Golf R strikes the ideal balance between functionality and everyday relaxation. That point, however, stops the R being engaged to push as our favorite hot hatches like the 31k Honda Civic Type R.

That the Golf R drive system will appeal if functionality is a priority. The closely connected Audi S3, wraps Golf R running equipment in a more superior shell and controls a record price of just #1000 longer, but appears to lack the Golf’s closing layer of motorist involvement.